Login Error: Device not linked to account

You are having trouble signing in to Street Invoice because this device is not linked to your account. Each Street Invoice user can access Street Invoice from 1 device. You can access Street Invoice from up to 2 devices with a Basic, Pro or Enterprise plan. You have already reached this limit.

To login from an additional device, you will need to ensure you have the Basic plan or higher, or if you already are using two devices with Street Invoice, add new user to your account (requires Enterprise plan).

If you are replacing your mobile device, you can de-activate your old device. Then you can login from your new device, and your new device will automatically be linked to your account.

You can de-activate your old device from the Windows edition of Street Invoice, available at http://beontrac.com/pc.htm.

If you do not have access to a Windows desktop,, contact 
support@beontrac.com and we'll un-link your old device.

1.       From the Street Invoice Main Screen, choose Settings.
2.       Click User List, and select your name from the list.
3.       Click the Mobile Devices tab, and click De-activate for your old device. 

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